TUBELACES are the perfect accessory for your sneakers. The freshest thing in a tube since toothpaste. Surprisingly new look, supreme quality and innovative designs – that‘s what TUBELACES are all about!

TubeLaces are the best accessories for your sneakers. The second freshest thing coming in a tube after the toothpaste.

A surprising and innovative look, supreme quality and innovative design – that’s what TubeLaces is !

Available in many different color ways, monochrome and multicolor, to make every day special with a detail which won’t go unnoticed.

The TubeLaces come in three styles: FLATPAD and ROPE.

FLAT are the classic laces with a flat profile, fitting all the types of shoes. They are available in three lengths: 90 cm, 120 cm and 140 cm.

PAD have a round profile, they are soft and they take inspiration from the boots laces. They are available both 130 cm and 180 long.

ROPE are rounded and produced by using the latest technologies, with an interwoven weft which makes them unbreakable. They are available in two lengths: 130 and 180 cm long.

The TubeLaces come in the distinctive tube packaging, perfect to be displayed.

The official TubeLaces displays are designed for desks, floors and slat walls.

Small details leading to great results!