Northern style design Streetwear brand, well known for high quality fabrics and finishing and for the extremely wide choice of color ways. Its tradition started with the iconic items called College Jacket and Tall Tee which now are produced in different styles, materials, weights and colors.

In time the Brand has developed a wide range of products becoming a reference point for all of those who like clean design and the high quality that only timeless garments can guarantee. In order to best serve the needs and expectations of Clients, Urban Classics offers three fits: Slim, Regular, Urban.

In addition, the Footwear collection, available in several styles, guarantees comfort and lightness to your feet at top levels. Urban Classics is the producer of every item it trades. That means the production can be followed throughout, making sure the highest quality standards are met.

Every item, before being produced industrially, undertakes strict tests on quality and lasting over time, among which include 500 washing tests.

The ready-to-wear Urban Classics products are available in large quantities in a few days, in line with global market demand. That was made possible by the huge effort undertaken by logistics facilities, which include a 25.000 square meters fully automated warehouse.

T-Shirts, Shirts, Tank Tops, Denim Pants, Cargo Pants, Sweatpants, Shorts and Board shorts, Jackets, Sweat Jackets, College Jackets, Windbreakers, Parka, Socks, Leggings, Gym Bags, Backpacks.

By entering the world of Urban Classics, you show that you love quality and innovation, and that you have broad views.