Yuppong Caps Flexfit 210 CAP

210 CAP

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Revolutionary engineered 2 sized cap that is structured to fit 10 different head sizes. Style and substance are like two equally important sides of the same coin, and with this premium 210 CAP pro-baseball flat peak cap you can enjoy both elements in rich supply.

Yupoong Premium 210 CAP Patent fitted cap is like no other, it is a Pro-baseball on field shaped cap with a flat visor but with a unique expanding patent technology to give the user a perfect fit, these revolutionary engineered 2 sized caps are structured to fit 10 different head sizes.

The caps are designed with a special technique that weaves special blends of fabric that makes the 210 unique and special.

It comes with distinctive 210 taping on the inside seams:

  • patent label,
  • 210 peak sticker,
  • woven labels
  • and Hangtags.

The centre front part of the 3¾ crown is reinforced with buckram and comes with a moisture absorbent pro headband as standard.

The caps are made from high quality wool blend and Cool and Dry performance fabrics, materials and components all of which conform to international standards.

From a style standpoint, this hat is second to none. It pays homage to the classic baseball cap style while being uniquely 21st century in its design. Though there are no ostentatious designs or patterns, it’s hard to deny how visually striking it is. With its familiar pro-baseball on-field shape and its sleek flat bill visor, it’s the ultimate marriage of modern and traditional.

The 210 cap is very economical solution for both brands and retailers as it minimizes the risk of having any leftover stock, for example when retailers buy standard fitted caps, they come in 10 fitted sizes with the high risk of have some sizes left over at the end of the season, with the premium 210 however, this risk is minimized.

Premium 210 caps are designed to resemble the best fitted Pro-baseball cap in the headwear industry and it is a true statement why many of the top brands select 210 caps as their preference.

210 caps come in a number to silhouettes from 8 to 6 panels giving the customers ultimate choice of the various styles.


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